We built Benjii to simplify our own trading.
He was so good, we had to introduce you.


Benjii is the brainchild of three friends: two ex-bankers and one short story writer. He's a top-notch algorithm that analyzes price patterns for any publicly traded stock to determine the best times to buy and sell. Ready? Let's stick it to Wall Street, together.


Dan Moore

Dan used to work at Goldman Sachs, but he got out as fast as he could. He's using Benjii to bankroll his passion for 3D modeling, guitar, and product design.

Ross McIlwaine

At Goldman, Ross used to pass the time by dreaming up business ideas with Dan. (This is their first.) He lives in Utah, where he's a ski instructor and app developer. 

Lisa Siva
Head of Marketing

As a writer, Lisa has contributed to Conde Nast, Food52, and HuffPo. She's using Benjii to fund her honeymoon with Daniel. (Yes, this Daniel.)