Benjii's not a forecaster. He's better.

Here's how he works.




Benjii is a sleek, streamlined Excel spreadsheet for PC.

Give him a ticker

Enter the ticker for any stock, plus the amount you'd like to invest.


get real-time advice

Benjii will tell you the best call for the day: Buy, sell, or hold. It's that simple. 

But does it really work?


Let's put it this way: The average financial forecaster is right 47% of the time—which means you'd probably be better off flipping a coin.

Benjii, on the other hand? He knows his stuff. Backed by objective, data-driven formulas, he empowers you to make smarter investments, with a median accuracy score of 85%.


Here's what Benjii can help you do:

✓ Take action on straightforward advice for any stock

 ✓ Ride the wave up and invest when Benjii senses positive momentum

✓ Avoid loss periods by cashing out at the first sign of a downturn

✓ Trade with an unbeatable 85% accuracy, on average

✓ Check Benjii's proven track record on any given stock for the past year

Benjii's Here to Make You, Well, Benjamins.


We think everyone should have access to bulletproof trading advice. That's why, even though our advisors told us we were crazy, we set Benjii at a one-time price of $249—or less than the yearly commission you pay your broker. We can't keep it that low forever, though. Download now to lock in the price before we raise it in 2 weeks.